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Techno-Politics of Mega-Infrastructures


This research explores techno-politics of large-scale infrastructures and how they advance political projects and visions of the postcolonial state. Specifically, I focus on railway and port infrastructures and their social and political effects in producing assemblages of infrastructure-led "development" across uneven landscapes of Kenya.


Drawing on the empirical study of several mega-projects, I explore how techno-politics of infrastructure function at several levels:


1. the state and its territorialities;


2. biopolitical differentiations of everyday life advanced through power vectors of class, ethnicity, and geography;


3. modalities of dispossession, socio-political contestation, and disavowal that unfold through mega-infrastructures.


Research outputs from this project appear in Political Geography, Area, and The Transactions of The Institute of British Geographers


This project was funded by UK Research and Innovation's Global Challenges Research Fund (Grant Number: ES/P011500/1), and was completed during my research fellowship in Geography at the University of Cambridge, UK.

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