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Queer Theory and Praxis


In this latest line of my research, I explore how queer theory and its multiple epistemologies could be deployed in theoretically, methodologically, and empirically expansive ways in order to understand social and emotional textures of everyday life beyond intimate spheres of the sexual traditionally associated with queer epistemologies.


This, although openly proposed or implicitly alluded to, has not been explored in queer theorising that aims to expand queer epistemologies by exploring their openness but paradoxically ends up tethering queer to sexuality. I precisely focus on this unexplored intellectual and political endeavour as one of the possibilities of queer future. 

Undoing this intertwinement between queer epistemologies and sexuality,  I am interested in understanding how queer ways of knowing, experience, and theory can help us understand the social and the political in global politics. 

As I am developing this intellectual inquiry as a new project, I would be very excited to discuss it in more detail with those working in the field of queer studies broadly conceived. Please get in touch!

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