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Selected Publications


Lesutis, G. and Kaika, M. 2024. Infrastructured bodies:Between violence and fugitivity. Progress in Human Geography, early view here


Lesutis, G. 2023. Queering as (un)knowing: Ambiguities of sociality and infrastructure. Progress in Human Geography, 47 (3): 392-408; see here.


Lesutis, G. 2023. Enduring colonial grammars of self: Infrastructure, coloniality, ethnicity. Antipode, 55 (6): 1781-1801; see here.


Lesutis, G. 2023. Scenes of subjection: Extractive frontiers, symbolic violence, dispossession. Geoforum, early view; see here.

Lesutis, G. 2023. Improvised Hybridity in the “Fixing” of Chinese Infrastructure Capital: The Case of Kenya's Standard Gauge Railway. Antipode, early view (co-authored with Z. Huang); see here.


Lesutis, G. 2022. Disquieting ambivalence of mega-infrastructures: Kenya’s Standard Gauge Railway as spectacle and ruination. EPD: Society and Space, 40 (5): 941-960; see here.

Kimari, W. and Lesutis, G., 2022, Infrastructure as Symbolic Geopolitical Architecture: Kenya’s Megaprojects and Contested Meanings of Development. The Rise of the Infrastructure State, ed. by S. Schindler and J. DiCarlo. Bristol: Bristol University Press, pp. 58-70; see here.


Lesutis, G. 2022. Politics of disavowal: megaprojects, infrastructural biopolitcs, disavowed subjects. The Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 112 (8): 2436-2451; see here.

Lesutis, G. 2022. Infrastructure as techno-politics of differentiation: Socio-political effects of mega-infrastructures in Kenya". Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 47 (2): 302-314; see here.

Lesutis, G. 2022. The Politics of Precarity: Spaces of Extractivism, Violence, and Suffering. London and New York: Routledge; see here.


Lesutis, G. 2021. Infrastructural territorialisations: Mega-infrastructures and the (re)making of Kenya'. Political Geography, early view; see here.

Lesutis, G. 2021. Planetary urbanization and the "right against the urbicidal city. Urban Geography 42(8): 1195-1213; see here.


Lesutis, G. 2020. How to understand a development corridor? The case of Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport Corridor in Kenya. Area 52(3): 600-608; see here.


Lesutis, G. 2019. Spaces of extraction and suffering: neoliberal enclave and dispossession in Tete, Mozambique. Geoforum 102: 116-125; see here.

Lesutis, G. 2019. The non-politics of abandonment: resource extractivism, precarity and coping in Tete, Mozambique", Political Geography 72: 43-51; see here.


Lesutis, G. 2018. The Politics of Narrative – Methodological Reflections on Analysing Voices of the Marginalized in Africa. African Affairs 17(468): 509-521; see here.

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