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Public talks

  • 'Out of the Nest', Counterpoints ABC Australia; see here.

  •  'What a Railway in Kenya Reveals About How China Builds Things in Africa’, China–Global South Project; see here.

  • 'The politics of precarity', New Book Network; see here

  • 'The politics of precarity', Correction Podcast; see here.

  • 'On how farmers cope with displacement in Mozambique', International Migration Research Network; see here.

  • 'Uneven social effects of mega-infrastructures in Kenya', University of Cambridge, Development Corridors Partnership; see here

  • Book launch for The Politics of Precarity, University of Helsinki; see here.

  • Interview about The Politics of Precarity with Exalt Podcast; see here.


  • ‘Queer theory offers new views on daily life – even on infrastructure projects in Kenya’, The Conversation, July 2023; see here

  • ‘China in Africa: Kenya railway study shows investment projects aren’t a one-way street’, The Conversation, May 2023; see here

  • ‘Kenya’s big railway project makes life even harder for the poor by ignoring their reality’, The Conversation, October 2022; see here

  • ‘Kenya’s Lamu Port was meant to deliver great things. But, as the story of local fishermen shows, it hasn’t’, The Conversation, September 2022; see here

  • ‘Kenya’s mega-railway project leaves society more unequal than before’, The Conversation, November 2021; see here

  • 'Body politics at the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic', ROAR Magazine, May 2020; see here

  • 'The necropolitics of heroism: from individual gestures to class wide solidarity', The Spectre Journal with Jon Las Heras, May 2020; see here

  • ‘Política del cuerpo en tiempos de la pandemia COVID-19’, El Salto Diario, May 2020; see here

  • ‘La necropolítica del heroísmo’, with Jon Las Heras, El Salto Diario, May 2020; see here

  • ‘Community engagement in corridor planning and implementation in Kenya’, From Infrastructure to Development Corridors – ImpactAssessment Sourcebook, edited by H. Hobbs and D. Juffe-Bignoli. DCP: Cambridge.


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